Peer review policy

The Veterinary Practitioner adopted peer review policy to ensure good quality publication. The Editorial board of Veterinary Practitioner and associated referees play a vital role in maintaining the high quality and standards of publication and all manuscripts are peer reviewed by the team.

Primary evaluation:  The submitted manuscript is evaluated by the editors to meet the minimum criteria like originality, scientific blemish, grammatical or language flaw and relation to aim and scope of the journal. The submitted manuscripts that passed the minimum criteria are sent to experts/referees for review. 

Selection of referee: The persons having expertization in relevant topic/subject is select as a referee and manuscripts are to be sent to the for their review and asked for expertise comments on originality, any typographical mistakes, methodological soundness, clear presentation and used references etc.

Time of review process:  The required time for review process is one month but it dependents on the response of the referees. The sought comments of referee about acceptance or rejection of the manuscripts if not received on time then it sent to another expert. After getting expert comments and Chief Editor’s convincing, the article is accepted for publication. If manuscript gets bad comments then it returned to authors for revision on the basis of referee’s  report and if not get sufficient corrections then manuscript is rejected.


Editor’s decision:  The final decision about acceptance or rejection of manuscript is reserved with the Chief Editor.